Camping La Rosaleda
OPEN ALL YEAR,                                                  Camping La Rosaleda is situated in one of the most beautiful places in the South of Andalusia on the Costa de la Luz. Near to the  ... read
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  • isarodriguezgo - Tripadvisor
    Miércoles 13 de septiembre del 2017
  • Bungalows is the best I"ve been since since the others will not know though if that is enough of summer price goes up , but for the winter we like the beach all year is the best ! has almost all kitchen bathroom and two bedrooms , living room and everything up quite wide !
    Psicobeat13 - TripAdvisor
    Sábado 01 de marzo del 2014
  • St
    Carolina - TripAdvisor
    Miércoles 04 de noviembre del 2015
  • St
    Ares 981 - TripAdvisor
    Miércoles 30 de septiembre del 2015
  • Definitely category , comfortable rooms, excellent restaurant and pool, relatively close to beaches , I recommend going with children because there is a team of excellent animation . The restaurant serves a tuna Conil magnificent .
    Ernesto C (Algeciras) - TripAdvisor
    Martes 01 de julio del 2014
  • We have spent a week in family and repeat . I "ve done about 15 years. I came back and improved . The animation is not to leave the campsite . The difficult pool to catch a hammock but nice. The girl very nice super .
    Sonia - TripAdvisor
    Domingo 30 de agosto del 2015
  • I visited the site the weekend of July 18 and it was all great. the site very carefully, down to the smallest detail , massage, swimming pool, entertainment at all hours reception . we note that camping is a first , it"s great
    Alejandro Estévez -
    Jueves 24 de julio del 2014
  • St
    Luis - TripAdvisor
    Domingo 04 de octubre del 2015
  • Always . I go to the site , I stay at the bungalow. It is comfortable although the beds could be improved. Whenever you leave it clean and utensils you use. Features wireless high speed , air conditioning. Near the beach. Pool.
    VictoriaLC86 (La Rinconada, Málaga) - TripAdvisor
    Jueves 01 de mayo del 2014
  • Alejandro Troya Gómez - Google My Business
    Lunes 02 de abril del 2018